Opening Day!

20 Nov 2009 | Category: New Moon | Author: alexandra


Chances are you’re not reading this…. No, chances are you’re waiting in line to get tickets for New Moon. Hey, I can’t blame ya.

But on the off chance you’re one of the lucky few who got to see New Moon last night, well, here’s some fun stuff to keep you going:

First off, check out this awesome timeline from Movieline that charts almost an entire year of New Moon news and gossip. What a great way to remember 2009…

Then read through this article that spills the likes and dislikes of the men from Twilight. You know, just in case you run into one of them on the street.

Then click here to see who Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed want to direct Breaking Dawn.

And finally, if you need an R-Patz fix to tide you over, check out the trailer for Pattinson’s new movie, Remember Me.


Happy Opening Day, Folks! Have a good one.

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