Taylor Lautner Interview

Howling at the moon

Taylor Lautner talks about how fun it was to transform into a wolf and what it was really like to practically wear nothing in the Twilight sequel New Moon.
By Bonnie Laufer – Krebs

Are you still a bit overwhelmed by the phenomenon that is Twilight and New Moon and all the craziness that surrounds it?

Yes and no. Yes, because it’s actually getting bigger and bigger and the fans are still becoming more passionate every day that goes by, which I thought was impossible. But no, we’re so used to this now. We’ve seen everything that these fans can do. So we’re not surprised when we see some crazy fan encounter or something. But, yeah, our fans are great don’t get me wrong. It keeps us humble and grounded!

Jacob’s presence is huge in New Moon. That must have been so exciting for you.

I love where Jacob’s character goes, and I think it would be wrong of me to say he’s not my favorite character, but he honestly is my favorite character. I love him because he has so many different sides to him. You know, in New Moon I get to bring alive this first side that carries on from Twilight—his pre-transformation side where he’s just this really happy, friendly kid. As soon as he transforms, he becomes this really disturbed, grumpy, fierce guy. It’s disturbing.

We know that Jacob turns into a wolf, but you really transformed physically for this role. You packed on about 30 pounds of muscle and went to wolf camp. How does one become a wolf?

Well yeah, when I was filming Twilight, I obviously I knew where Jacob’s character was going and if I wanted to continue playing him correctly that I had some work to do. So literally the day I finished filming Twilight, I flew back to home and went to my local gym and said “I need to pack on some pounds.” So I got a personal trainer, started working out like crazy and eating a lot of food. That was the hardest part for me actually, the eating. And people were like “Are you kidding me? I’d love to do that. Eat every two hours.”

But it’s specific foods, too. It’s not like you’re eating cheeseburgers all day, too, right?

But even if you were eating cheeseburgers and you had to do it every two hours for a year straight, no matter what you eat, its….ugh! Trust me it’s pretty gross.

During the wolf transformation, you’re not wearing any clothes! Do you ever get used to running around without your shirt on? Was that intimidating?

I won’t lie, it’s a little uncomfortable because we’re in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s like 35 degrees and you’re wearing cut-off shorts and that’s it. Everybody else is bundled up in several layers of clothing, shivering, and I’m just wearing nothing.

You have more onscreen time with Kristen Stewart. The bond between you guys must have been there from the first film.

Yeah it was. And we hung out a lot before filming, but I would definitely say we became closer during filming and just being able to work with Kristin, she’s so, so talented and we work very well together. So, I was so thankful to bring that off screen chemistry on screen with Jacob and Bella.

Taylor  Lautner

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