Cameron Bright

Cameron Bright’s first starring role in a major motion picture came at the ripe old age of nine in Godsend (2004), starring Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Greg Kinnear as his parents. A native of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Cameron’s first television role (aside from commercials) was playing the younger version of Joe Lando’s character on the TV series Higher Ground (2000).

In the CBS TV movie The Christmas Secret (2000), Cameron played the younger version of Richard Thomas’ character this time. Two years later, his career really heated up with guest appearances on Dark Angel and Night Visions, as well a part in the TV movie Lone Hero. The same year, he landed roles in two major motion pictures, although they wouldn’t be released until 2004—in The Butterfly Effect (2004), he played seven-year-old Tommy and in Godsend (2004), filmed in the Toronto area, he played eight-year-old Adam.

The role of Adam was a demanding one, because the director needed a young boy who had the ability to appear endearing at one moment, and frightening the next. Cameron excelled in the difficult task and immediately afterward was cast in Birth (2004), playing a ten-year-old boy who is believed to be the reincarnation of a woman’s late husband. This time, Cameron starred opposite Nicole Kidman and traveled to New York for filming.

Quickly becoming one of the most in-demand young motion picture actors, Cameron found himself in Shanghai, shooting the sci-fi flick Ultraviolet (2006) with Milla Jovovich. Soon after, it was back to British Columbia, where he played the new role of Leech in X-Men 3: The Last Stand (2006).
When not working, Bright continues to live with his family in Nanaimo.

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